Josie Bodymover



•   Transfer paralyzed patients in a safe, easy and convenient way!
•   Easy to Carry
•   Best selected Materials
•   Made of fabric and fiber strap
•   Easy to Wash


Product description

Transfer paralyzed patients in a safe, easy and convenient way with Josie Bodymover!
It is first in the world! Now you can bring your beloved mom and dad who has difficulty in walking outside for a nice weekend gathering!

– Can hold up to 150kg!
– Waterproof
– Easy to clean and maintain
– Easy to keep
– ISO Certified material


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This is an easy tool to help move a patient from the bed to the wheelchair and vice versa. It just straps onto the wheelchair. It has no battery and doesn’t require electricity. Hence it will work even in places where there is no electricity.

It is easily foldable and portable. It will make a nice addition to your existing wheelchair with its easy patient lift.

•   no battery
•   no dangerous chemicals
•   an ability to strap onto your existing wheelchair
•   you can take it everywhere with you


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