QUEENFEI Fito Dual Active Advanced Skin Care Set

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  • Skin Softer nourishes the damaged skin to be refreshed and revitalized, effectively improving your skin texture.
  • Moisture Emulsion nourishes and effectively cares the sensitive skin protecting from the external environment and keeping your skin glossy, rehydrated, and moisturizing.
  • Hydro Aqua Cream, the pure aqua reservoir, recreates your original moist look providing the skin with dual active functions, hydrations, hydration and anti-wrinkle. It makes your skin youthful, moist, and sleek.
  • They all contain plant derived EGF (rice sh-oligopeptide-1) and FGF (rice sh-polypeptide-1)
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Product details of QUEENFEI Fito Dual Active Advanced Skin Care Set

Skin Softner (150ml + 32ml) 
치지고 손상된 피부를 활성화시켜주며 피부결을 효과적으로 개선시켜 줍니다.
It provides immediate relief for dry, chapped, or damaged skin and effectively improves skin texture.

Moisture Emulsion (150ml + 32ml)
자외선에 의해 자극받고 민감해진 피부를 피부를 효과적으로 보호해주며, 피부를 더욱 윤기있고 촉촉하게 유지시켜 다시 원래의 피부상태로 회복시켜 줍니다.
It effectively protects the skin from both UVA & UVB rays, and makes the skin naturally glow with more radiant and moisturized aspect, restoring the skin to its original condition.

Hydro Aqua Cream (60ml) 
피부에 촉촉한 보습을 더해주고, 주름 개선의 기능이 있는 듀얼 액티브 크림으로, 피부를 젊고 촉촉하게 만들어 줍니다.

위의 모든 제품에는 식물 유래 EGF(Rice sh-Oligopeptide-1)성분과 FGF(Rice sh-Oligopeptide-1)성분이 함유되어 있습니다.

A dual active cream with a moisturizing effect on the skin, and a wrinkle-enhancing function that makes the skin youthful and moisturized.

All of the above products contain plant-derived EGF (Rice sh-Oligopeptide-1) and FGF (Rice sh-Polypeptide-1).
What is EGF(Epidermal growth factor)?

EGF is a protein that stimulates cell growth, proliferation and differentiation, for the discovery of which Dr. Stanley Cohen was awarded the Novel Prize in Physiology and Medicine. EGF has used as a skin regenerator in the medical field of skin transplants, corneal transplants, and diabetic foot ulcers and recently its use is expanding to skin regeneration cosmetics.

The efficacy of the EGF(Epidermal growth factor, sh-Oligopeptide-1) listed in the International Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary (ICID), is indicated as Anti-Aging and Anti-Wrinkle.
Extraction of EGF

Extraction methods are classified by generations.

The first generation is an EGF made in E. Coli by animal cell culture systems, cultivating E Coli in animals’ colon, which has a risk of heterogeneous protein(endotoxin).

The second generation is a microorganism culture system, which solves the problem of heterogeneous protein(endotoxin) to some extent but has a weakness of being easily decomposed by vitamins and oils and reduced efficacy during a long term storage.

The third generation is plant based production. A method instructing the barley plant to make EGF in its seed firstly succeeded in Iceland and in Korea NBM, one of Venture Businesses, has made EGF by rice cell suspension culture system, which made NBM win the award of creative economy best product in 2014 by the President of Korea.

What is Cosmeceutical?

Cosmeceutical is a combined term of cosmeticsand pharmaceuticals and has a concept of medicinal cosmetics.

The skin is one of strong defense systems that protects foreign objects from penetrating the body and thus cosmetics, a foreign object, is impossible to penetrate the skin. But liposome with cosmetics can be absorbed to the skin and maximize the effect by the pharmacokinetic mechanism of liposome. ‘QUEENFEI’ is commercialized EGF cosmetics using specialized liposome technology of Paean biotechnology company and plant based EGF of NBM.


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